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​If we lay here, we just lay here

If we lay here, we just lay here

And time went by

The world around us born anew

The greens turn yellow and say adieu 

Flowers come and go

But, the salted tears never dry
If we lay here, we just lay here

The sun would rise in the west and set in the east

A legless lass would dance 

A predator would lose to his prey

The water in the oceans would turn to liquid gold

A man would count to infinity

The clocks would go back to bring back what once was ours

I would say no to the glass that night

I would see you smile again

I would be in the your arms again

And you would  find it in you to love me again.

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​Treasured like the gold in coffers 

Special like the sun of the Galaxy

Beautiful like the dress you wore

Precious like the ring you had

We don’t need clocks to tell the time

We’ll measure it in moments

The day we walked on the empty road

Fingers intertwined, color red on our cheeks

Tucked a strand of hair and smiled

The warmth radiated to this heart of mine
Panicking, dreading the worst, I looked for you

And there you were, reassuring

That you’ll be beside me, always

You won’t run away like the others have
I held her, the little babe

With your eyes, staring back at me

Nothing compares to the joy

The pure bliss that I felt
We don’t need clocks to tell the time

We’ll measure it in moments

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The Unheard Cry

These trees are closing in on us now

Eyes, eyes everywhere staring

The ground displaces from beneath my feet

Where am I? Where are you?
The thorns go deep within this skin

The vines from the trees, they choke me

I’m hanging on still because the if I let go 

I’ll fall, but I fell already?
I’m crying, I’m begging, make it stop

You said you’ll find your way home, you promised

Hear me now, I’m screaming, I’m calling out your name

Can’t you listen? 
“I’m here, my love” and the dream dissolves, a dream, yes, not a nightmare 

I heard your voice, I was dying but your voice breathed me back to life

“Can’t you do the same?”

I ask the gravestone which does not reply

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Waiting for the Rain

I was broken, I was wasting

Almost gave up, nobody noticed

Walking on fire, lost another wing

Got back on my feet to fall again
Gravity is calling me, should I let go?

Holding on to the glimmer of hope

That green would replace this yellow

And my kin would sing again
I shall wait till I can’t anymore

For promises aren’t supposed to be broken

I’ll persevere till the clouds roar

and bestow life upon my dear Earth
Finally, the drop descends to satiate

Then beings of the world and I,

the bird without wings, appreciate

the arrival of our savior, the rain

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Run, Roseanne, Run

Run Roseanne Run

Hear the whispers of your beloved

The sweet nothings in your ear

You feel wanted, don’t you?

My dear, he’s not here to stay

The talks will get louder

And the number will increase

He’ll pretend to be in the mythical marvel

All the while plotting those seeds

The claws will be out, out to kill

The roaring beast will follow your trail

Everyone’s in the circle, you’re the odd one out

A fragile flame is what would be blown off

My Rose, you had your armor, your thorns

Now dissolved, you have been plucked

So don’t think, don’t stop, don’t blink just

Run Roseanne Run

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A Mere Reflection

She’s walking down the road again

 The walls,the trees, the blurry faces stay the same

She’s the one queer

It was spring before autumn came

They laugh, they mock, they take away little by little

There used to be radiance

A smile that could light up the world

On her face, once she felt victorious

Her eyes are empty now

They’ve lost the sparkle they had

The heart’s no better too

I don’t think she’s just sad

“What’s happened”, I ask

She won’t even look at me

But one day she does

And she doesn’t like what she sees

She loathes me, her eyes say it all

I want to reach out, tell her it’ll be okay

I’m trapped in this four-cornered cage

I want to take her and fly away


But who am I, just a mere reflection

I can’t do anything, anyway.




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I Fly

When the world leaves me all alone,

Or they try to cut my wings,

And I stay trapped in my cage,

I dream of flying high and my heart sings.


I feel weak, fragile and powerless,

They ruin me and all I do is wait and wait,

Wait for the day, I’ll fly again,

Someone will come and rid me of this terrible fate.

One day I wake up, close to losing all hope,

The fear creeps in, stealing my light,

“NO!”, I shriek, “I’m strong and I will fight!”

I don’t need any armoured knight.

I’m not a damsel in distress, I need no one,

I won’t give in, no more tears from my eye,

This cage can’t hold me any longer.

With my courage, it breaks and I Fly…