Posted in Poetry

I Fly

When the world leaves me all alone,

Or they try to cut my wings,

And I stay trapped in my cage,

I dream of flying high and my heart sings.


I feel weak, fragile and powerless,

They ruin me and all I do is wait and wait,

Wait for the day, I’ll fly again,

Someone will come and rid me of this terrible fate.

One day I wake up, close to losing all hope,

The fear creeps in, stealing my light,

“NO!”, I shriek, “I’m strong and I will fight!”

I don’t need any armoured knight.

I’m not a damsel in distress, I need no one,

I won’t give in, no more tears from my eye,

This cage can’t hold me any longer.

With my courage, it breaks and I Fly…





I'm that person who laughs at her own silly jokes and overthinks absolutely everything. I love reading and writing. But mostly, I love sleeping and eating. And, Game of Thrones.

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