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A Mere Reflection

She’s walking down the road again

 The walls,the trees, the blurry faces stay the same

She’s the one queer

It was spring before autumn came

They laugh, they mock, they take away little by little

There used to be radiance

A smile that could light up the world

On her face, once she felt victorious

Her eyes are empty now

They’ve lost the sparkle they had

The heart’s no better too

I don’t think she’s just sad

“What’s happened”, I ask

She won’t even look at me

But one day she does

And she doesn’t like what she sees

She loathes me, her eyes say it all

I want to reach out, tell her it’ll be okay

I’m trapped in this four-cornered cage

I want to take her and fly away


But who am I, just a mere reflection

I can’t do anything, anyway.






I'm that person who laughs at her own silly jokes and overthinks absolutely everything. I love reading and writing. But mostly, I love sleeping and eating. And, Game of Thrones.

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