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Run, Roseanne, Run

Run Roseanne Run

Hear the whispers of your beloved

The sweet nothings in your ear

You feel wanted, don’t you?

My dear, he’s not here to stay

The talks will get louder

And the number will increase

He’ll pretend to be in the mythical marvel

All the while plotting those seeds

The claws will be out, out to kill

The roaring beast will follow your trail

Everyone’s in the circle, you’re the odd one out

A fragile flame is what would be blown off

My Rose, you had your armor, your thorns

Now dissolved, you have been plucked

So don’t think, don’t stop, don’t blink just

Run Roseanne Run



I'm that person who laughs at her own silly jokes and overthinks absolutely everything. I love reading and writing. But mostly, I love sleeping and eating. And, Game of Thrones.

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